VET DIGITAL THERMOMETER is an extremely fast and accurate method of measuring the body temperature of all animals

Thermometers for Animals

The thermometer is an important diagnostic instrument in veterinary medicine, which often comes into use during general examinations. The animal’s body temperature delivers important indications on the presence of an illness. The normal temperature can strongly vary based on the animal species and even the age, in some animals. For example, the normal body temperature of foals and kittens are quite lower than that of full grown animals.
Hypothermia treatment is symptomatic and has the goal of increasing the body temperature. The animal can be warmed up from outside by using a hot water bottle, heat lamp or from inside by using a warmed infusion. With a fever, fever reducing medications are most often used.

Temperature in many animal species is measured rectally, since this is the measurement location which gives the most accurate body temperature. Ear thermometers are much less accurate, create a high risk of measurement errors and are, therefore, seldom used.

In the category «Thermometers», you will find a large selection of high-quality thermometers for use in veterinary medicine. We offer you small animal thermometers, as well as special thermometers for use in large animal medicine.
Particularly popular is our thermometer with a flexible measurement tip that significantly reduces the risk of injury during measurement. This thermometer is ideal for frightened or nervous animals that cannot remain still during the measurement. The separately available, interchangeable probe covers provide a high level of hygiene during measurement.
Specially designed for use in large animal medicine, we offer you large animal thermometers, which are equipped with an extra long measurement tip and, therefore, provide precise temperature measurement for cows and horses.

Normal Temperatures in some Animal Species

Animal Species Normal Temperature (Rectal Measurement)
Dog 38 – 39°C
Cat 38 – 39°C
Rabbit 38.5 – 40°C
Guinea Pig 37.4 – 39.5°C 
Hamster 37 – 38°C
Gerbil  37.4 – 39°C
Horse 37.5 – 38°C 
Cow 38.3 – 38.8°C 

All of the veterinary thermometers offered by us are mercury-free and very easy to clean.

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