V2005 VASCULAR DOPPLER – with 5 MHz fixed probe

V2005 VASCULAR DOPPLER – with 5 MHz fixed probe


Small, lightweight, high sensitivity pocket Doppler. Its probes are ideal for use by a General Practitioner, vascular specialist for routine vascular examination in ER for vessel location, or by specialists in diabetes, urology and gynaecology. Vascular flow signals and FHR are easily located using the transducer while internal signal processing minimises noise artefacts. The flow signal is also available to the user via the built-in loudspeaker with output level controlled by rotary volume control. Top quality: made in U.K.


Technical Specifications
• Ultrasound
– Frequency: 2, 5 or 8 MHz continuous wave
– Transducer: 2 crystal narrow beam
– Output power: <15 mW/cm2 SATA
– Audio Response: 300Hz – 4 KHz

• Unit Controls
– Keys: 1 Key (for unit on/off)
– Controls: rotary volume
– Indicators: Yellow battery low LED

• Power supply
– Battery 9V Alkaline (not included)
– Expected battery life: >9 hours

• Output
– Headset: Audio output to optional
– headset (not included)
– Material: ABS / Noryl
– Size: 150 mm by 75 mm
– Weight: 299 g (with transducer)
– Classification: Class I Type B – IEC 60601-I
– Warranty: 1 year – Made in UK

Standard accessories
Supplied in a nice bag with:

• 7 languages user manual (english, french, italian, german, spanish, greek, portuguese)
• Gel tube

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