Non-ablative 1550nm Fractional Erbium Fiber Laser


Selles – Non-ablative 1550nm Fractional Erbium Fiber Laser

Non-ablative 1550nm erbium-glass fractional laser technology, acts on skin by microscopic laser beams under the operation mode of static stamp . Its depth of penetration with minor lesions assures approximately non-invasive therapy, and proves accurate, safe and high-effective skin resurfacing and scars treatment with minimal downtime. Selles utilize intelligent optical tracking system and randomized scanning technology, ensuring optimal effect for patients.

  • The laser light is released by alternation direction, so skin has cooling time in following light radiation interval, which greatly help reduce the pigment risk(PIH) after inflammation and other side-effect.
  • Random-sprayed beam technology
  • Intelligent optical tracking system
  • Simple to use and more treatment figures optional
  • Adjustable energy and density
  • Safe, Effective and Economical
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