Multi parameters Patient Monitor – MD9015


Multi parameters Patient Monitor – MD9015

 Multi Patient Monitor –  MD9015 Meditech  is a 15″ multi-parameter monitor, with standard parameters ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP, loc and optional parameters 2-IBP, ET CO2. 12channel ECG wave display on the monitor. Unique human voice alarm, powerful storage of maximum 720 hours data,

15 inch color TFT display Multi parameters Patient Monitor;      
A variety of display interfaces: large font, standard, full lead, respiratory oxygen, blood pressure trend;                        
Built-in rechargeable battery, work for 2 hours(more);   
Multiparameter Monitor High resolution 15” color TFT display
12 Channel waves.9 Parameters : ECG, Resp, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP,
Light weight, compact and portable
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 
Unique human voice alarm
Rich screen layouts: Standard, Big font, Trend table, NIBP trend, ECG full lead, OxyORG oC Layout
Powerful storage: Maximum 720 Hour graphic and tabular trends of all
Parameters, up to 10000 NIBP review ,200alarm review ,2Hours of all waveforms
System software can be upgraded through network
Data and waveforms color be adjustable
Arrhythmia analysis and ST segment analysis
Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patient

Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP)
Carbon dioxide ( CO2) Module
Thermal Printer
Touch Screen
Three display output: TTL / CMOS LCD, LVDS LCD and standard VGA output

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
EtCO2 technological index 
Interface form External interface
Range of
0~10 kPa or (0~75) mmHg
Precision(error) (0kPa~5.4kPa) the error is ±0.3kPa, 
(5.5kPa~10.0kPa)the error is ±0.7kPa
Alarm upper limit 2.1~13.2 kPa
Alarm lower limit 0~6.5 kPa
Time 12s
EtCO2 Exist
Unit KPa / mmHg / %
Compatibility External main stream and side stream are compatible
IBP technological index
Measured channel Single way and double way are optional
Range of
SYS: 6.7kPa~32.0kPa(50mmHg~240mmHg)
MEAN: 3.4kPa~26.6kPa(26mmHg~200mmHg)
DIA: 2.9kPa~24.0kPa(22mmHg~180mmHg)
Mean error ≤±0.4kPa (±3mmHg)
Range of alarm SYS: Upper limit 0.3kPa~53.3kPa(2mmHg~400mmHg)
Lower limit 0kPa~53.1kPa(0mmHg~398mmHg)
MEAN: Upper limit 0.3kPa~53.3kPa (2mmHg~400mmHg)
Lower limit 0kPa~53.1kPa (0mmHg~398mmHg)
DIA: Upper limit 0.3kPa~53.3kPa ( 2mmHg~400mmHg)
Lower limit 0kPa~53.1kPa ( 0mmHg~398mmHg)
Measured unit MmHg/kPa
Specification of
Consumables mode SCW-UTAH-01
15 Inch MD9015 Meditech Medical Device Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor for ICU with Ce&ISO Approval

ECG Cable (5 Leads) …… 1Pcs
SpO2 Cable (Adult)  …….. 1Pcs
TEMP Probe (Adult)  ……. 1Pcs
NIBP Cuff (Adult)  ………… 1Pcs
NIBP Tube(150cm)  ……… 1Pcs
Ground Cable   ……………. 1Pcs
Power Cable  ………………. 1Pcs
Cleaning Cloth  ……………. 1Pcs

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