iSonic Color Ultrasound Scanner


iSonic Color Ultrasound Scanner

iSonic Color Ultrasound Scanner

 Color Ultrasound Scanner

  • Color Ultrasound ScanneriSonic Color Ultrasound Scanner – iSonic®  Wide band multi-frequency, Imaging Processing ,Imaging optimization and Compound enhance technology, touch pad and keyboard, high quality images and sensitivity
Pulse Wave Doppler & HPRF” (CW Doppler for cardiac applies optional) Function 
“Color/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging”

Ultrasound probe isonic

Product Features

17″ LCD, high brightness, high resolution, wide view angle 
iSonic® Wide band multi frequency ,Imaging Processing ,Imaging optimization

195 elements, ZIP260 connector
Hard Disk (500G), 
Control panel (exclude touch pad)
Operating Mode:  2B, 4B, B/M, M, B/C, B/C/D, B/D, PW, velocity,
power (direction), histogram, Triplex/Duplex


Standard accessories

Mobile trolley  
Multi frequency convex probe …… 1Pcs
Multi frequency linear probe …….. 1Pcs

Power Cable  …………………………. 1Pcs
Cleaning Cloth  ………………………. 1Pcs


CW Doppler and “Free Xros™ Imaging “(for cardiac applies) module 
Smart 3D module (for 3 dimensions with 2D standard convex probe)  
“iScape View” module 
DICOM 3.0 module 
Foot switch by USB port 

Phased array probe 2P2 (for cardiac applies)

Biopsy guide

iSonic®  reusable needle guide offers surgeons free angle for needle insertion.
A easy-to-learn quick-release allows easy detachment of the device from the transducer providing physicians increased flexibility during procedures.
Needle separable from guide.
3-5 years lifespan.
Autoclave sterilization, low temperature plasma disinfection, ethylene oxide gas disinfection.


LCD Monitor

ze (Diagonal):

15 inch
4D Volume Probe
Frequency: Central 4.0 MHz
Contrast Ratio: Resolution: Brightness: Color Depth: Rotate Angle: Grey Levels:  
1024×768 pixels
230 cd/m2
± 90°
Convex Array Probe
Frequency: Central 3.5 MHz Min. 2.0 MHz Max. 5.5 MHz
Pitch:                  0.516 mm
Radius:              60 mm
Min. 2.0 MHz
Max. 5.5 MHz
Made by NDK Japan
Touch Screen
Size (Diagonal):
Linear Array Probe:
Contrast Ratio: Resolution: Brightness: Grey Levels: Input Signal: 600:1
800×600 pixels
250 cd/m2
Frequency: Central 7.5 MHz Min. 6.0 MHz Max. 12.0 MHz
Pitch:              0.352 mm
Radius:          N/A

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