HS-3035SD Autoclaves 35L / Sterilizer – S-Class Digital LED Display Monitor


HS-3035SD AUTOCLAVE 35L / STERILIZER  – S-Class Digital LED Display Monitor 

HS-3035SD AUTOCLAVE 35L – This S-Class small steam Sterilizer   is proper to sterilize effectively the general medical devices and supplies used frequently in the health care institutions. 


Innovative air removal , Unique small steam generator, Use of clean steam every cycle, Safe and durable unwielded chamber

Various cycle programs of the optimum condition , Safe and convenient self-diagnosis function, Convenient monitoring of a cycle processing

 Cycle Execution Data Storing and Ubiquitous Function, Printing of the cycle performance record  

Specification Parameters 

Model:  HS-3035SD

Overall Dimension  :W 615 x D757 x H505 ㎜

ChamberIDØ 300 x L557 ㎜,   Vol:  35ℓ, 

Material:  STS 316L

Max. Working pressure:  2.40 bar  /  Min. Working Pressure:  -1.00 bar

Max. Working Temperature:  138.0℃  /  Test Pressure :  5.13 bar

Tray: W236x D483 x H25 ㎜,   4 ea

Reservoir/Collection Container: Vol: 7.5ℓ / 7.5ℓ (Full water level)

Operating Temperature: 121.0℃ ~ 135.0℃ (Display Resolution; 0.1℃)

Sterilant: Saturated Steam

 Removal Air Method :Positive Pressure Pulsing

Air Removal Device: Vacuum Pump (Diaphragm type)

Air Filter : Filtration efficiency:  99.999% for 0.3㎛ particles

Controls: Microprocessor

Display : Digital LED Display

Panel Printer : Direct Thermal Printing type,  Printing Paper Roll: W58 x Ø40 mm, L=13 m

Power Source : AC 220V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 2,900 W

Net Weight : 67 kg

Environment Conditions (IEC 61010-1

-Attitudes up to 2,000 m

-Temperature range of +5℃ to +40℃.

-Maximum Relative Humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31℃ decreasing    linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40℃.

-Mains supply voltage fluctuations up to ±10% of the nominal.

-Installation Category (Overvoltage Category): Ⅱ,   Pollution Degree  : 2.

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