High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC)

Heated Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy Device ( HFNC )

  • Automatic accurate 02 concentration control technology
  • Intelligent temperature and humidity control system
  • Up to 70lL/min high flow output
  • Safety design, no need disinfection on device and accessories

Safety airway design to prevent cross section
Unique inner air passage design, no contact with users airflow.

Revolutionary trend review function
Review the latest 8-24 hours data of temperature, humidity and 02 concentration.

High performance blower and sensor
Stable flow output and accurate therapy data monitoring.

Flexible Nasal Prong
Low level of positive pressure, high tolerance for patients
Zero pressure, high tolerance for patients

Threaded Heated Tubing
Guarantee the temperature and humidifying effect, prevents condensate water

User Friendly Design
4.3 Inch Large LCD Screen
Wheel button for facile control
Disposable heated tubing and water chamber
Integrated trolley provides mobility and convenience
Automatic water supply to save manual operation



High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC)

High flow nasal cannula (HFNC)therapy also called Heated humidified high-flow (HHHF)/high flow nasal oxygen (HFNO), is a type of respiratory support method that delivers a high flow of medical gas to a patient through an interface(Nasal Cannulae) intended to create a wash-out of the upper air . Use of nasal high flow in acute hypoxemic respiratory failure does not affect mortality .
High-flow therapy
HFT diagram.pngIllustration of a patient using HFT device
Other names High flow nasal cannula

This warm, humidified constant flow improves gas exchange and reduces work of breathing. High flow oxygen therapy is a form of respiratory support used in the hospital where oxygen, often in conjunction with compressed air and humidification, is  delivered traditionally to a patient in oxygen therapy. To deliver higher amounts of fiO2 effectively to your patient you have to not only match, but exceed your patient minute ventilation and inspiratory demands to minimize oxygen dilution.

The Benefits

HFT, the clinician can deliver higher FiO2 to the patient than is possible with typical oxygen delivery therapy without the use of a. Heated humidification of the respiratory gas facilitates secretion clearance and decreases the development of bronchial hyper-response symptoms. Heated and Humidified oxygen has a number of benefits compared to standard oxygen therapy.  Oxygen therapy delivered through a nasal cannula. High-flow therapy is useful in patients that are spontaneously breathing but have an increased work of breathing.

High flow oxygen therapy is intended to: 

  • Eliminate most of the anatomic dead space
  • Create a reservoir with high FiO2 in the nasal cavity
  • Improve gas exchange
  • Significantly reduce the work of breathing.


Basic components of a high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) system. | Download Scientific Diagram


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