Apollo N3 Multi-parameter transport monitor


Apollo N3 Multi-parameter transport monitor

Apollo N3 Multi-parameter transport monitor : Especially for Ambulance/EMS/Airplane/Transport
EtCO2 side stream With Configuration (EtCO2, InCO2, AWRR)
Apollo solves this problem with a Layer 1 optical encryption capability that totally protects the fiber from tapping attacks. It uses
the highest level of AES-256 encryption, and adds no latency to the transmission rate. Moreover, Apollo has a unique capability to
selectively encrypt or not encrypt individual services that share the same wavelength, giving the utility complete control over its traffic.

Apollo Advantages for Power Utilities
Apollo is an advanced optical networking system that combines flexibility and muscle to meet the unique needs of power utilities.
The system entails flexibility to support all service interface and transport requirements, while enabling scalable pay-as-you-grow
deployment with robustness. This ensures the highest levels of system availability and security against hacking attacks. Apollo offers
multiple features that make it ideal for power utilities.

Security Against Fiber Tapping
Fiber optic cables span long distances where they are exposed and susceptible to fiber tapping,
endangering all the information they are carrying to interception. This is particularly problematic
for unencrypted OT information, such as from SCADA devices. In addition, even when packet level
information is encrypted, address fields are not, giving a hacker access to network topologies and
traffic patterns.
Service (Client)
• Ethernet
(1GbE to 400GbE)
• Fiber channel
(to FC32)
• Misc video

multi-parameter TEMP monitor

Apollo N3 Features
 8.4 inch TFT touch screen, light weight & compact design;
 Fixed accessory bags have capable of packing all sensors which are ready for working in anytime;
 7 hours continuously battery power supply and vehicle power supply available;
 Standard configurates the best SpO2 and NIBP technology in the world;
 IPX4 Waterproof and shock resistant design helps monitor can work in Wilderness;
 112mm removeable wide range printer can output 7 waveforms simultaneously
Measured parameter
Other characteristics
with touchscreen
Screen size
8.4 in
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