AMBU® Man Airway ו


Cost efficient and reliable training manikin designed to fulfill all requirements for the BLS algorithm training.

The closed shaped torso with its anatomical correct landmarks allows trainees to learn and train the use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) and the placement of pads. It allows an optimal training of chest compression and ventilation with realistic resistance and expiration through mouth and nose.

The unique hygienic system prevents cross contamination. The correct compression depth and required ventilation volume can be monitored by the feedback
indicator on the manikin.

Ventilation as in real life: the trainees will feel the realistic airway resistance and the chest will start rising when the head is correctly tilted and air
blown into the manikin.

Size: 70 x 37 cm.
Technical Specifications
Mouth to Mouth ventilation: YES
Mouth to nose ventilation: YES
Bag-valve-mask ventilation: YES
Use of Guedel airways: NON
Airway management: Et tube, laryngeal tube & mask and other SGAs: NON
Jaw-thrust manoeuvre: YES
Gastric insufflation: NON
Ambu hygiene system: YES
Insufflation bag (Ambu hygiene system): 25
Manikin face mask (Ambu hygiene system): YES
Chest compression: YES
Max compression depth: 7.5 cm
Max insufflation: 1.2 litres
Hand position display: YES
Infinitely adjustable chest stiffness: NON
Pulse: NON
Placement of defibrillation electrodes: YES
Defibrillation: NON
I.V. access (need IV trainer 34041): NON
Wireless CPR software: NON
ECG display: NON
Carrying bag: YES
Weight: 6.0 Kg

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