Bicycle AJ-STR700 Stress ECG Test System (Horizontal Type)

Bicycle Stress ECG Test System


 Bicycle AJ-STR700 Stress ECG Test System (Horizontal Type)

Bicycle AJ-STR700 ECG Test is mainly used for real-time monitoring and analyzing of ECG when human body in movement state.  Auxiliary diagnosis of coronary heart disease (CHD) and latent coronary heart disease (LCHD). Its Can assess the severity degree of coronary artery stenosis.  Measure patient’s heart function and exercise tolerance. The dynamically test the therapeutic effect of patients with coronary heart disease who are put into operation.


 12 channel synchronous recording;

 Interfere-free applied to assure the based line stability;

 Optional standard or self-designed test protocol;

 Synchronous display 1 channel, 3 channel, 6 channel or 12 channel ECG;

 Freeze, store and print 12 channel ECG, Input the blood value at anytime;

 Display and analyze automatically ST deviation value and heart rate and blood pressure trend graphic per minute;

 Display the change of 12 channel ST segment in process of testing.

 Bicycle is Sana Couch 150L, Made in Germany

It is not only a standard 12-lead electrocardiogram machine, also a standard 12-lead ECG workstation; it not only has the function of real-time printing and diagnosis of G ECG machine, and also has powerful analysis post-processing function of ECG workstation. Seamlessly connect to exercise blood pressure measuring modules, and system directly triggers work, and it reads and displays exercise blood pressure values real-timely, then it simplifies the complex procedures and enriches the evaluation testing methods of heart functions.

Professional unique calculation method of METs value, can real-time compute and display METs values in different movement phase, and it assists doctors to synthetically evaluate cardiopulmonary function. System adopts the international general wireless Bluetooth technology, and realizes the wireless operation control and wireless ECG information acquisition and transmission. 

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