AJ-6400 Phaco Emulsifier

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AJ-6400 Phaco Emulsifier

The AJ-6400 Phaco Emulsifier is easy to operate with user-friendly interface featuring a large TFT touch screen and functional menu. The surgery is simplified due to the presetting of up to 10 sets of parameters. Complete control of the aspiration flow rate is provided by the peristaltic pump. Vitrectomy and Cautery options are built in.

Microprocessor technology  efficiently controls the emulsifier process with digital frequency tracing technology in the handpiece.


  • All parts of the system are fully controlled and monitored by Microprocessor Technology
  • Smoothly and efficiently controlling the emulsifier process with digital frequency tracing technology of handpiece
  • Easy operation and user-friendly interface with large TFT touch screen and functional menu
  • Up to 10 sets of parameters preset meet different requirements and simplify the surgery operation
  • Auto test checks tubing and hand piece problems (e.g.: block or leakage)
  • The peristaltic pump gives complete control of aspiration flow rate as well as freedom from anterior chamber shallowing. This way can give stronger suction when working in I/A
  • Built-in Vitrectomy and Cautery
  • Intelligent Voice Reminder

Specifications Ultrasonic Emulsification (U/S)

  •  Frequency: 40kHz
  •  Functional mode: Continuance, Pulse, Linear, Burst
  •  Continuance: Emulsifying power Range: 0 ~ 100%
  •  Pulse: Frequency Range 1 ~ 99Hz
  •  Linear: Emulsifying power linearly controlled by the footswitch, varies between 0 ~ 100%
  •  Burst-Stopping Time: 1.5 ~ 0s
  •  Burst-Working Time: 5 ~ 100ms
  •  Maximum Vacuum: 500 mmHg
  •  Maximum Flux Rate: 40 ml/min

Irrigation/Aspiration — Peristaltic Pump

  • Flux Rate: 0 ~ 40 ml/min
  • Reflux Rate: 20 ml/min
  • Max Vacuum: 0 ~ 500 mmHg

VIT (Vitrectomy)

  •  Cutting Power Source: Air Pump
  •  Cutting Frequency: 20 ~ 600/min, step 10/min
  •  Maximum Vacuum: 500 mmHg
  •  Maximum Flux Rate: 40 ml/min


  •  Maximum Power: 10 W ± 20 % (200Ω)
  •  Type: Bipolar
  •  Power preset between: 0 ~ 100%
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